Saturday, February 7, 2009

what a yady, what a night

we've had a pretty great week, nothing fantastical happened, it was just a great week. i thought i would share a little story about ella, so as not to leave the precious one out. both my kids are hysterical....

ella cannot pronounce her "L's" yet. she talks constantly like her brother but since she's still only 2, she has yet to fully develop some of the problem letters. i know she'll grow out of this, but part of me wishes she wouldn't because it's so cute. BUT i don't think she would share my enthusiasm about her speech when she's a teenager. 

N-E-ways, i digress. she can't say the "L" so b thinks it's funny to make her say words with that letter in them. we had enchiladas the other night and she was wondering what was inside them. she kept saying enchiyadas...b would repeat it but she would get so frustrated with him b/c in her mind she was saying it correctly. so when he would say "enchiyada" she would say "no daddy, it's en-chi-YADA!" so determined. she also says "yove" for love and "yady" for lady and will not say "la, la, la" she just smiles and laughs. love this girl!

last night we were blessed by my dad and his girlfriend (yes, my dad has a girlfriend) they came by to pick the kids up and take them out to eat at mcdonalds then back to the house for a movie. yay! free night for us! we took full advantage. went out to eat, took our time, adult conversation, didn't have to say "stop that" and "get down from there", watched a movie, and just had a wonderful evening. very nice! thanks dad and pam!

one funny part about the evening was how much time my dad thought it would take for all the events to transpire. he picked them up at 6pm and said they should be done in 3 hours. i laughed and said, "good luck with that." i guess he thought they would eat at mcdonalds, where there are nuggets and a playground of fun and it would take them 30 minutes. followed immediately by a movie which was only 1 hour and 20 it made perfect sense. ha ha ha ha! the kids didn't get home until 11pm. nope, i wasn't upset at all, honestly. when the kids walked through the door they were wide awake and very happy. they had just had a great night with their poppa and i had a nice evening with my honey. so, who cares if they got to bed late. it wasn't the first and it sure won't be the last!

great start to the weekend! enjoy!


Casey said...

Yeah for date nights...... even if they are home!!

TxConnection said...

You continue to amaze and tickle me, with your ability to "turn a phrase" for the titles to your posts. Being a child of certain age, I had to immediately sing "What a Lady, What a Night" in my mind before I could finish reading today's blog (so I'm a little anal).

I have SO enjoyed the past two days' stories of my precious, perfect nephew and niece. Have you realized you have a family of characters, including you and THE perfect child? USANetwork would welcome you with open arms because as they say in their promo, "Characters Welcome".

Keep 'em coming.

yove ya, yady