Monday, February 9, 2009

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y (and sunday, too)

o spring, where art thou. 

i'm ready for it. 

tired of this up and down business that is the essence of oklahoma weather.
tired of this wind, give me a breeze any day but this blustery, butt kicking wind has got to go.
tired of the sinus/cough/allergies/snot that is associated with the roller coaster temperatures.

so spring, present yourself quickly. thank you.

this weekend was a nice preview to spring. we spent the day outside on saturday. just playing in the backyard. what a saturday should be. 


had to throw in a picture of maddie that b took. she really is a sweet dog! 

the kids got rainboots on friday, after going to three old navy stores and children's place. quite an adventure. but they love them and wore them all day saturday and as much as they could on sunday,  b/c they are also work boots and play boots, not just rainboots. they ARE looking forward to rainy weather so they can wear them and not get their feet wet! 

this is going to be a good week, stuff to do almost every night and then i'm really looking forward to the weekend. another date night with b and seeing good friends! 

have a good one! 

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TxConnection said...

Love the color coordinating that Ella has going on.