Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hump Day

ha ha ha, don't be dirty. you know i mean wednesday! had to get a mid-week blog in b/c it's been a busy week for us. a good busy, even a fun busy and i didn't want to weigh my readers down with an intensely long blog on the weekend, soooooooooooooo......

on monday night we just hung out, built a tent and watched shrek. it was quite nice actually. making myself lay in the tent and not do anything, no computer, no laundry, no random cleaning. i didn't realize how much i DON'T do that. i'm usually half watching half doing something else, it was darn near relaxing!

tuesday was quite an eventful day here in oklahoma-land. one of our famous "spring" storms decided to rear it's ugly head in february. God kept us safe and me and my family and friends stayed safe, the major damage was north of us. i very much enjoy the storms and took a few pictures of the clouds as the storms were passing over us. i know, call me crazy, it intrigues me. here's a couple of cool cloud shots (well i think they're cool).

and tuesday was also my dad's 64th birthday. we went to ted's (a yummy mexican restaurant) and celebrated! he had to wear a sombrero, it was great!

and today was jakob's valentine's day party at school. it was cute. they sang songs, gave us a "surprise" hug at the end and got to make valentine's magnets and had an ice cream sundae! i always bring my camera and jake wanted to take the pictures this time so i let him. here are a few he took.....he's got a, interesting eye....yeah, we'll call it interesting.

this is a tool box in the classroom. i'm assuming it's a toolbox. evidently jake liked it.

the carpet we sit on when we have parties. it's by the "kitchen" station. it was closed today.

this is jake's classroom. my friend krystal and her daughter kate right in front. 

i know i'm picture crazy, but that's okay. so there's our week so far, busy but fun. this weekend should be great too. looking forward to it! enjoy your hump day!

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