Saturday, February 14, 2009

a day of loooooovvvveeeee

happy valentine's day to everyone! hope you got pampered or loved on or spoiled today. 

it's been a great rest of the week. on thursday night i went out with the girls to celebrate a birthday. we went to chelino's and red pin to bowl. i haven't bowled in years but managed to do pretty good. we had a great time.

on friday night b and i celebrated v-day. we totally splurged this year, since we never have and went to a great place called "rococo" fine italian dining. and when they say fine, that is so very much what they mean. this is the ONLY place i've been to where i didn't mind spending the amount of money we did. the appetizer alone was worth the entire visit. we had a great dinner, just chatting and enjoying each other's company. here's us after dinner. love my man!

after dinner we went to visit some of our dear friends and just hang out. it was wonderful, as always, and i got an amazing surprise from my friend, a snuggie! ha ha ha! yes go ahead and laugh out loud, laugh at me, make fun of whatever you want. BUT you have not experienced true comfort and warmth until you have used a snuggie. seriously, i would wear it as a coat if i could! so thank you amy! you truly did make my day!

i look all snuggly and warm don't i? that's because i WAS! and still am, as i sit here typing in my warmth. go ahead, scoff it up. snuggies RULE!!!!

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Casey said...

The snuggie is funny! I would also love a snuggie and get made fun of for this. I would like one for outside....outside football games, soccer games, sitting outside watching the kids when its cold....warmness!