Monday, February 16, 2009

my little explorers

jakob has been interested in dinosaurs for the past year but since we went to "walking with dinosaurs" in january, he loves them even more. last week we had a nicer weather day so the kids were playing outside and all of a sudden, jakob runs and says "mom, look what we found!" i'm thinking, dead bird, mouse, something i'm not going to be excited to see...."we found a dinosaur footprint, come see, come see." i peer outside and wouldn't you know it, there is a dinosaur footprint right on the "patio" part of the backyard. i was very impressed and of course very proud. sure, it's only tree bark, but they both amaze me every day with their little creativity that seems to be exploding! 

just another quick conversation with jakob. i would love to be inside his mind! this wasn't really a conversation i took part in, just more of jakob telling me "what was up." during dinner one night he informs b and i that "when he turns six he's going to drive himself to karate school at oklahoma tulsa yukon. (he talks about tulsa alot b/c his friends charli, chloe, caden and camden live there) he knows it's not close to us but thinks the two are connected somehow. he also likes talking about everyones ages ALL the time and informed us "when i turn 35 i'm gonna go to bowling school and it will be dark in there."

he's amazing people....amazing i tell you!

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Casey said...

Awwwww. Too cute. Charli does the same kind of stuff all the time about ages. Its so funny to see how they develop the same at the same ages miles apart. She finds "clues" all the time for her "mysteries" with "Cooby Doo", and "crappy doo" which is hilarious. I love this kid stuff. Keep it coming!