Friday, February 20, 2009


although some might not think this is as humorous as i do...i wanted to share it b/c sometimes, you just need to tell the truth even when it might make you look horrible, nasty, or any other word you can think of. and sometimes, it may just help another mom, or woman, remember that they're not alone in this crazy game called life and NO ONE is perfect. or maybe i want you to laugh and gag.......

i got home from the gym this morning and brandon started playin around with me. i'll stop right there and not give you any further details...wouldn't want you to gag and vomit on your pc. so he kissed my head and said "your headband stinks", or so he thought. of course my headband or hair might stink b/c i just got home from the gym. 

OR my hair might stink b/c i hadn't washed it ALL WEEK LONG. "oh babe, that's horrible. it smells sour." (b said in a very loving way) yep that's right. hadn't washed it since saturday. go head, gag a little, force your mid-afternoon snack back down. i know it's gross and i'm not really sure how it happened, but i laughed when i told him. this week was busy, not CRAZY busy but busy and i guess my "schedule" got thrown off. every day i woke up thinking, i need to wash my hair, and every time, minutes would get away from me and i would jump in the shower and just "throw on" a headband or hat. 

it was funny. my hair was NAPPY! by tomorrow i could have easily started a nice set of dreds. good times!

you'll be happy to know it's washed now and even has a fresh cut. 

i love my life.

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[dM] said...

:-p hee hee heee that's funny!