Sunday, February 22, 2009


on friday morning, i took ella to get her first haircut. "it's about time" you might say, but unfortunately the girl did not get my head of hair...i'm still hoping it grows thicker as time goes on but she's still cute as a button.

i've trimmed her hair a few times but it hasn't really needed anything significant. i needed my haircut as well this time, so i decided to get hers done too. she LOVED it. and did an amazing job!

the cutting has begun. ella sat really still. she was perfect.

she was loving the blow dryer and getting her hair brushed and styled.

and here's the finished product. she loved it and wouldn't stop checkin herself out!

on another "first", b and i went out to dinner with friends on friday night to a new restaurant (well new to us) called "1492." it's spanish inspired cuisine. it was yummy. i loved my dish, b wasn't equally as pleased with his choice but agreed that it was a cool place and we will return. we enjoyed our evening tremendously. 

another first, on saturday i was asked to speak in a class at a girls retreat. my topic was "internet safety." not my favorite thing but ended up going well and having fun. 

also saw three movies beginning thursday night to saturday for the "first" time. not all new but new to me. "i robot" which i loved. "nights in rodanthe" a great love story, not an owner for me but i enjoyed it! and "hancock" which i also liked a lot. we may just own that one.

so a great weekend, alot of firsts, and now i'm watching the oscars. good eve everyone! much loves!


DeAndra said...

mom would be proud!

TxConnection said...

that is one cute kid!

Casey said...

SHe is adorable! Love it. I am glad to back in the blogging world. And, on your last post, I am proud. The only way I get things done is to not bathe as much as I probably should!! Just think of it as making your hair more healthy! Every hair stylist says not to wash but once or twice a week!! Does throw a kink in it with the working out tho...shoowee.

may, Samantha e. said...

she's such a biscuit