Wednesday, February 25, 2009


this year b and i have decided to celebrate lent. today is "ash wednesday" the beginning of our journey to the cross, if you will. 

nope, we're not catholic, but the practice of lent is very interesting to me and i'm looking forward to the experience as well as drawing closer to God in a new and different way.

one portion of lent is that you're "asked to" not "required" but asked to give up something for 40 days. i have decided to give up chocolate and added sugars. for those of you who know me well, know this is going to be a very tough 40 days. those of you who don't might be thinking, "chocolate, really? couldn't you think of something more spiritual?" 

well, it is spiritual to me. i have an addiction to chocolate. i call it that b/c sometimes i can spiral out of control when it comes to the sweet, gooey goodness that it is and there are other times when i can control myself, but for the most part, i indulge. and alot of the time, i feel bad after indulging, bad bodily and mental-ly. so it's something i need to work on and learn to enjoy in moderation.

so here i go....happy lent!


DeAndra said...

i'm joining too sister! shopping and excess television. no tv outside of my 3 of which will end, my 2 shows. happy lent!

TxConnection said...

This is a great step. May you draw closer to God than you ever imagined.

I will join with you. Dr. Pepper is to me what chocolate is to you, so DP is out.

Thanks for encouraging me to grow!

[dM] said...

i'm not driving the bentley for 40 days (OMG what am i doing?!?!?!) thankfully the bus route come straight to the office.