Wednesday, March 25, 2009

hmmm, let's see

in my previous post i mentioned b and the kids made a small garden on saturday and i just wanted to post a couple of pictures. they had so much fun gardening with dad, it was too cute. now it's just a matter of making jake understand the flowers won't grow over-night. we recently had some rain and so he woke up very excited to see if his flowers had grown at all. he wasn't disappointed but is very anxious to see his project take shape...

we found this NASTY slug before they started their garden adventure.....gross!

jake and ella digging up the dirt, getting ready to plant the seeds

jake helping dad rake the dirt over the seeds...jake was more into it than ella, as you'll be able to see in this next picture where ella is enjoying other things

we had a great saturday! sunday was good but busy...i'm nearing fine arts festival, which is this weekend as well as easter in a couple of weeks so my sundays are work days as well. i'm ready to have them "back."

on monday night, b and i went to hear a band in norman at othello's. it was an acoustic set involving "something in the wheel", which is the band our friends play in. it was so great. b and i love "raw" music if you will and each set (total of 3) were great! the second guy was our favorite, he was on an acoustic guitar- singing, and was accompanied by a violin. their sound was great! Damion Suomi is his should check him out!

we had a great time catching up with our friends and enjoyed a random evening out. 

something in the wheel-daniel pease and mimo morreale! so proud of these guys!

happy hump day! enjoy the rest of it!


may, Samantha e. said...

i miss those boys so much

Casey said...

We had to miss Mimo this week when he was in Tulsa...bummer. And, even tho you probably get WAY too much unsolicited advice, make sure Brandon covers his garden with the stinkin' snow and freezing temps this weekend. Go Brandon with the gardening! I am getting mine started in April! yay