Friday, March 27, 2009

it's nothing really

in a few hours i will start the fine arts extravaganza. it always ends up being a lot of fun but we literally go ALL day long, which in the end is very tiring. on top of that, it's supposed to snow later today and all night long...i'm hoping the weather men are a little off and it won't be as much but we'll see. i just don't like being out in it, i'd rather be sitting at home enjoying it with the family.

things are good. i have so much i want to share about lent and what it has meant to me and done for me. i had an amazing conversation about some of my experiences with a wonderful friend a couple of days ago. while i'm so excited at what God has been doing in me, i can't help but be hopeful i can enjoy this kind of presence, this kind of new realization and this overwhelming feeling of love ALL year long rather than just at Easter. i'm not letting the disappointment affect me (the fact that i don't spend every day like this) but i am making it a goal to keep myself this wide-eyed and anticipative as much as possible. it's been very liberating spiritually. the Easter story is about redemption and throughout the last month has come to mean so much more than that....and my heart has been revealed to an even bigger picture, as if it could get any bigger than redemption. truly amazing!

so to sum up, i'm happy. and so i'll leave you with this for the weekend. have a good one, clap your hands and shout hooray!

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