Monday, March 30, 2009


yes i know it looks like farts, that's why it's so funny. to me it is. but it stands for fine arts, which is what i spent my weekend doing. it ended up being a great weekend, the snow came but just fell, didn't really stick. my friends from t-town and family in the north, got plastered with the storm i think we were supposed to get...i'm glad it didn't go the way the weathermen wanted it to here in central OK.

anyways, the kids did great this weekend at the competition. and yes, it is a competition, sorry to disappoint you....ha ha ha! 

1st place- large vocal ensemble
1st place- percussion group
1st place- large human video
1st place- christian band
1st place- large drama group (also had another drama group place in the top three, not sure if it was second or third place, although i will choose to believe it was second)
and one of my drama solo kids placed in the top three also....this is a statewide competition so yes i'm pretty proud. and yes i'm glad it's over.

and that was my weekend. i missed my hubs and i missed my kids. 

now onto easter. 

it's gonna be a good week. and i'm already looking forward to the weekend. life is good. my heart is full and blessed. thank you Lord for the place you have me in and the places to come.


Casey said...

Yeah for all your groups! You did so well! Lots of first placers....of course, of course!

Jeff said...

it was misleading for this article to have nothing to do with farts.

but it was nice that you talked about someone getting plastered.

TxConnection said...

Congrats on f.arts!!

always amazed of you and your abilities. i know they are from God, but you use them so very well.

may, Samantha e. said...

you love your new f. arts kiddos more than us.