Tuesday, March 31, 2009

it's the little things

not very often, do you find people who enjoy mondays. if i had to work on mondays, i would probably feel the same way, but most mondays are my "sabbath" my day of rest, of lounging, of doing absolutely nothing and so i love them. and yesterday proved to be one of the best!

the day started with nothing. how refreshing is nothing.....

the nothing was followed by lunch with the kids, a quick trip to drop jake off at school, then back home to play with ella for a bit before her nap.

during naptime, i enjoyed some time with God, reading, praying, thinking....ahhhhhhh

after naptime, picked jake up, played some more, ate yummy home-made chicken quesadillas (made by my amazing husband) and then sitting, relaxing and talking.

we decided to go for a walk after dinner, the kids love to do this. once we got outside we noticed storm clouds to the west but didn't think much of it, it looked as if they rain was moving around us. as we approached the last turn of our walk, big huge drops of rain started to fall, it was SO MUCH FUN! we didn't get pelted or even drenched, it was a beautiful spring rain. the kids were having a blast! once we got home we just sat in the garage and watched the storm. jake and ella played in the rain a little, loving every minute, then back into the house for some home-made popsicles! 

it was a wonderful evening. 

monday's CAN be good, nuf said!


Casey said...

I L O V E doing nothing! What a great nothing day!

TxConnection said...

There is nothing more fun than walking in the rain!