Friday, April 3, 2009

wicked awesome

last night, my sis and a couple of my great friends took me out to bj's for an early birthday treat. i wasn't sure why we had to have the celebration this early, but who i am to decline such an offer. 

we had a great time, laughing, talking, eating and then i was surprised with my birthday gift.

i am now the proud owner of a ticket to see "wicked" in august with my sis and a few of my girlfriends! i am soooooooooo excited! i have wanted to see this show since it first started and have never been able to go. b isn't much of a fan of musicals so we don't ever go. he did take me to "phantom of the opera" but ended up falling asleep. soooooo, i go with my dad, my sis or my great friend nickel when i can. i'm very much looking foward to this gift. thanks girls!

the night was great and i love my friends dearly....except when they get to enjoy things that i don't...ha ha ha ha! only kidding. but it was a little frustrating seeing this at the table and not being able to partake....

this is a chocolate lover's pazookie from bj's. double chocolate chunk gooey cookie with chocolate ice cream on top completed with a chunk of godiva (or was it ghirardelli) no matter, it looked amazing. although i will be ready to have some chocolate once lent is over, it felt good inside to say no and not hate life doing it. i guess when you think of the "big picture" giving things up is easy to do.

needless to say, i enjoyed my thursday night immensely and am looking forward to an event filled weekend! have a good one peeps!

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Casey said...

I am really excited! I have seen wicked, but it was so good, I will see it again! I am really looking more forward to just hanging. I need more "girl time!"