Monday, April 6, 2009

it was a good one

our weekend was very full of fun, fun for me and b and fun for the kids, fun for all! did i say the word fun too many times? no apologies, cause that's what it was, just fun.

on friday night, b and i went out with one of my friends from high school(thanks to facebook for reuniting us...ha ha ha) and her husband. we went to mcnellie's, probably our favorite place right now. it's just plain fun...there's that word again. not to mention good food.  we spent about three and half hours just was great.

on saturday we took the kids to see "monsters vs. aliens" and then stayed and had a "picnic" in the mall food court. always trying to save a buck, i packed the kids lunches so we wouldn't have to saw off our other arm for food....they had a great time. we got to hang out with some of our great friends for a couple of hours too. always love seein the deas'! we tried to go see the easter bunny but he was on a break and the mall wasn't TOO crowded but still crazy so we opted to leave and get sonic drinks on the way home, which the kids thought was really great! AND it was happy hour so yay for us!

we decided to go ahead and make it a movie filled day and rented "bolt" and "bedtime stories". we enjoyed both movies, as did the kids. i think jake liked "bolt" the best and we liked "bedtime stories", either way it was fun watching them all together. we had a great family saturday...gotta love those!

sunday was good, getting ready for easter, so it still seems like all "business" to me right now. i'm ready for the break after next week, but i AM excited for the easter services next week. i think they'll be awesome!

and as lent comes to an end, i have to say, i'm almost sad. it's been really amazing for b and i both. we're going to try and keep it "alive" no pun intended. God is truly amazing and His story is beautiful and i'm glad i'm a part of it!

it's been extremely windy the past three days in oklahoma...i don't like for the kids to be out in the wind when it's crazy like that, seems to open the door to allergens etc. so here we sit, starting our morning with another movie. BUT i do love to hear jakob singing the oompa loompa songs, so it's worth it! 

have a fantastic week!

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TxConnection said...

Here's hoping Jake will sing out where you can hear his beautiful voice unlike someone else whose name I will not print, but starts with a b and has the following letters in no particular order: randon.

Have a good one!