Friday, April 10, 2009

hb to me

yesterday was the big 33 for me. i still love birthdays and no i haven't been affected yet by my age increasing. sometimes i wonder where time has gone and realize how old i am, but it never makes me sad, it makes me happy for all i've experienced. it's okay, you can hate me for saying that, but i'm just being honest. i'm blessed by the Lord and all His goodness and i try to live it daily and show my gratitude, so i try not to get down about the things that are going to happen, that are a part of my birthday day was enjoyed.

nothing out of the ordinary happened, i have to work on thursdays so it was a pretty normal day. but it was a good day. just full of sun shine (could've done without the wind) but i don't want to complain. i got a TON of bday wishes, gifts, and enjoyed a good evening at home. i was a little irritated b/c i didn't get to watch my TWO episodes of the office....but saddened b/c of the reason. multiple fires were started yesterday in the midwest city area and have spread all the way up to stillwater by this morning. many homes were completely destroyed, so that was on the news last night. i can't imagine losing everything i own, but thankfully, there have been no deaths related to the fires. 

so my day was great. and i'm thankful for one more year and one more to come. i'm excited to see what it holds!