Saturday, March 21, 2009

saved the best for last

although the kids didn't have an extremely eventful spring break, the last part of it was, i think, most enjoyable for them.

on thursday they got to go to the zoo with aunt d and uncle tim. and of course they had a great time. apparently ella kept calling any kind of flying creature at the zoo, a chicken and also wanted to see the crocodiles alot. there was a dinosaur exhibit which both of them enjoyed and jake said his favorite thing was the snakes (i think it was something different that day, but just now, it was snakes). so yay for auntie and uncle...the kids had a great time!

on friday, we had to run a bunch of errands and they always like it when we do this.....

-first we went to the church b/c i left a box there that i needed to ship
-next we went back to the house b/c i forgot ella's diaper bag (nice!)
-we then tracked over to UPS to ship the box to tanta (candles will arrive soon tanta)
-after that we headed over to DSW for mom, and mom got a new pair of shoes! mom has been waiting for these shoes since before christmas and was now able to buy them! yay for me!
-kids are still doing good and wondering where we'll be next. went over to target to try and find ella some new tennis shoes b/c all of hers are either a full size or half size too small. (nice again mom!) unsuccessful at target for shoes but did buy the kids a few items of clothing
-time to eat some lunch so we headed to a near by mcdonald's where dad met us and ate with us
-my aunt's birthday was yesterday and my cousins took her and my uncle out for lunch at bj's brewery. we decided to stop by to say hi and just in time for dessert. two pazookies were ordered, one chocolate chip with ice cream on top and the other macadamia nut with ice cream on top. yes i had to sit through and endure watching my kids CHOW on the pazookie, but i'm glad they got to partake....they enjoyed that part of the day immensely!!
-still having to find shoes, i headed to the mall. FINALLY found ella  a pair of converse. too cute! not really what i wanted to spend on her shoes BUT they will last a long time and she LOVES them.
-finally we headed home and all of us were pooped. ella even fell asleep on the way home.

then last night, me and the hubs, my sis and her hubs, left the kiddos with poppa and headed out to one of our fave places to eat and hang out, mcnellies! we had a great time and ended up stopping by the federal building memorial on our way home. tim and daly had never walked through it. it's one of the coolest memorial sites i've seen and i love going there. our favorite piece of "history" if you will is the survivor tree and it's starting to bloom.

so we had a great end to our spring break! jake is very excited about getting back to school next week. at one point he thought it (school) was ending and got very upset because "he likes his school." i assured him he would be going back next week. it's going to be fun reminding him of these days when he gets older and refuses to go!

today we're running errands and just hanging out as a family. we always have fun on these days!

happy saturday to all!


Deas Family said...

Yay! Glad you got those shoes! (means I need to go back and see if I can catch a steal!) Vernon's parents went with us Tuesday to visit the Memorial and Museum for our first time. Very intense, and yet, made me feel proud to be an 'Oklahoman.' Yes, we're finally coming around and loving life in the great state of OK! Love ya friend!

DeAndra said...

tanta can't wait for her candles! i wish i was there to take care of the kids for you! miss you and love you lots!