Wednesday, March 18, 2009

half-way gone

well, i had wanted to do some fun and exciting things with the kids over spring break and my plans have failed thus far. 

this is always a super busy time for me because i'm working on fine arts festival and easter at the same time. so this means cram as many practices as you can into the next two weeks, and then cram even more so easter can go off without a hitch. on the one hand i like being busy, on the other hand....i don't. it probably doesn't help any that last week i was sick and am still fighting the most annoying cough EVER, but at least my entire body isn't feeling it....just can't talk to anyone without hackin up a lung.....(i know some of you are saying "that might not be such a bad thing for you to have to keep your mouth shut") and to you i say....shoosh!

the kids have LOVED the weather this week though. i so love to hear "can we go outside" rather than, what can we do now, what game, what movie......i'm glad it's turning into spring. i hope most of the cold days are gone. i don't mind the rain and the storms that come with spring time in oklahoma, but i am tired of the cold.

i'm still enjoying the season of lent. not only the devotionals every day which have opened my eyes to looking at the Easter story differently and more meaningful to me, but it's been a challenge with the whole chocolate/sugar deprivation. this week in particular because their was a huge slew of home baked yummy goodness at work and i did not partake, not even a lick from a spoon. i even had to bake a cherry chocolate cake at home and rushed straight to the sink with the spoons and bowl...the licking is my favorite part. that was a tough one, but something i conquered and something i'm proud of.

hope hump day has proved productive for all. and hopefully i'll get off work early tomorrow and be able to enjoy at least a day and a half with the kiddos and this gorgeous weather!

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Jenn Lamphear said...

Good job on not licking the bowls! Very impressive girlie! I will pray for everything to be amazing with Fine Arts and Easter... of course... you and Jesus make a pretty great team... so no worried cheek-a!