Monday, March 16, 2009


to best recap our weekend, i think i'll go with a list this time..

-got into tulsa on friday afternoon and our first stop was secret garden candles. they have the best smelling candles. i'm a candle freak, if you could put a name on it, and theirs are the best. so i stocked up for myself and my sisters!

-went to see our friends the cantwell's. love them. we had a great time going out to eat and just enjoying good conversation.

-saturday we had pancakes (thanks cindy!) and then go ready to meet more friends at chuck e. cheese

-what a crazy blast. chuck e cheese is a madhouse on saturdays but the kids LOVED it!

-after lunch we went back to our friends house, the graves'. the kids played, made rice krispy treats, went to the park, played some more, had yummy tacos and yes, played some more

-the adults got to enjoy great conversation and thanks to casey, i got some yummy guacamole! her's is my favorite and if you know me at all, you know how i love the stuff!

-on sunday we got to go to their new church, foundations church. it was an amazing experience and i'm so happy for my friends and so proud of them too. it was so welcoming, the worship was amazing and i've always loved justin's style of preaching. they are doing a fantastic job! the Lord has blessed them immensely! i'm pumped for their future and all God is going to do at Foundations Church!

-we had to head back home right after church b/c i had wonderful fine arts practice!

-we had a really great weekend and were honestly sad to go! we look forward to being able to do that again, hopefully sooner than later!

 jake and camden playing mario cart
 eating the rice krispies instead of making them.
 ella and chloe on their way home from the cute!

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Casey said...

I love the rise krispy picture. Glad you guys came. We miss you and had a blast. :) Charli and Chloe were "talking on the phone" today to Jake and Ella a lot.