Friday, March 13, 2009

so last weekend...

was a pretty normal one for the v's. friday night we hung out at home, watched movies. had a friend come over...good times.

on saturday jake and ella got to go see sesame street live with their poppa. they had a great time. they were even treated to mcdonald's afterwards and haven't stopped talking about it. since i wasn't there, no pics to share but i did snap one before they left.

here's one my dad took of ella eating her ice cream at mcd's.

she is stinkin cute but such a mess....for example, as i'm writing this...i just got informed that she has been "playing with dad's hair stuff." great. sure enough. her hair is plastered to her head. i think i've blogged about this before....ironic. 

so anyways, that was it for our weekend. not too eventful but another great memory for the kiddos. the week was okay and thankfully we are feeling good and back to being 100%. 

so hope everyone has a great weekend. we're off to tulsa to visit some of our great friends. the kids are equally as excited and cannot stop talking about it. jake wanted to miss school today and just "head straight to tulsa." we're gonna have a great time!

spring break is next week. hopefully we'll get to do a couple of cool things while they're out!

have a good one! i'm off to wash some hair!

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TxConnection said...

stinkin' cute indeed ...

didn't jake experiment with daddy's hair stuff?

you are truly blessed by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Love ya!