Wednesday, March 11, 2009

double ugh!

i've had so much to say the last few days but have felt like doing NOTHING....the venable's got hit with what we think was the flu...not as hard core as others get hit, of which i'm thankful for, but we were laid flat for about two days...recovering slowly but still, on the mend.

the kids are fine, go figure. maybe mom and dad should do what the kids did and get flu shots. i did end up having to take jake to the doctor on sunday, he had strep....but bounced back within 24 hours.

so now, i'm behind...hopefully i'll get to update you on last weekend and post a couple of pics.

hope everyone's week has been splendid!

chat later!

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Jenn Lamphear said...

Sorry GUYS! Yucka for the flu! Glad you are feeling better though.