Thursday, March 5, 2009

conversations with jakob part deux

well, i honestly thought this conversation would not happen for a few years....although he has been intrigued by the whole "who marries who" and "i'm gonna be a dad" and "ella's gonna be a mom when she turns 16." and before my friend had amy had her baby, he had a few questions about it but nothing like this....whew...what a mind he has. 

this morning as we were getting ready for the day, jakob ever so cooly asks me...

jakob: "how do babies get into mommies tummy's?" 

mom: "um (big gulp) well, when mommies and daddies love each other and get married, they get to have babies." ( i knew this wouldn't be good enough for him, but i had to try)

jakob: "but how do they get into the mommies tummy?"

mom: (thinking i'm getting a little smarter by the minute) that's how God wanted babies to grow. (and repeated) when mommies and daddies love each other they get to have babies and God decided He wanted them to grow in the mommies tummy."

jakob: why?

mom: "that's just the way God wanted it."

jakob: "oh, so God takes His big hand that stretches like the Xmen and reaches down and puts the baby in there."

mom: (pauses and wonders if i should just leave it at that, but gives a little more info to keep his mind preoccupied) "well, mommies and daddies get to be together and have babies and yes, God puts the baby in the mommies tummy."

jakob: "oh and i get to see sesame street live on saturday with poppa."

mom: (inside screaming YES!!!! we have eased by the first "sex" talk successfully)

and on with the day, no more mention of babies and how they get there. i tell you what, i'm gonna have a hard time NOT explaining things to this kid. i can only pray he sticks with dinosaurs and superheros until he's 16......

i know, i know......


TxConnection said...

please be the one that explains things (in the "sexual" area)... if you leave it to my brother, there will be no where for you to hide when in class, school or church, Jake announces to the class what his daddy told him about how babies get into the mommie's tummy. not that he would be wrong, but the WAY it would be explained sends chills up my spine.

Casey said...

I have had that SAME conversation with Charli. For the last year she's been telling me she wants 5 kids and explaining...then switched to NO babies bc you have to go to the hospital to have them....then something clicked in her mind a few months ago and she busted out with the same question..."How to mommies get babies in their tummies?" I also had to take a deep breath before I began explaining. I said the same thing almost exactly as you did. She also wasn't quite happy with that explanation, but took it for now. I don't look forward to the futher explanation because the first time it came at 4...when's the next one???????

Jenn Lamphear said...

YOU ROCK! I leave it at the God gives us the baby thing.... I am SO emailing you the next time Sydney asks me about sex... right now...I AM NOT READY... I can't even think about it... I have butterflies right now... I am such a dork!

Kim said...

Been there!! Abbie, my 6 year old, is getting way too smart and luckily I have been able to to satisfy her questions FOR NOW!!! YIKES!!!