Wednesday, March 4, 2009

wh-wh-wh-wacky wednesday

so the kids (jake and iriana, my niece) are "studying" one of my favorite authors at school this week. dr.seuss! i love dr.seuss books and have quite a collection for the kids to enjoy. since they began their study today, they deemed it wacky wednesday and the kids were told they could dress wacky if they wanted. so with some creative and lively talk from my sis and i, we were able to get jakob and iriana to participate excitedly! 

i must preface this by saying, jakob is VERY particular about his clothes and hair so first mention of wacky day was "nahhh, i'm not gonna be wacky." but after much persuading from myself and i'm sure his teacher, he decided he would do it. he even let me spike his have NO idea what hurdles we conquered today by putting goop into jake's hair. when he was younger, before he began to decide what he liked and didn't like, we could do anything with his hair...and dad had lots of fun doing it...(he's actually quite jealous of jake's locks...and for an almost 5 year old, his hair is pretty freakin cool!) so we could goop away and jake didn't know the difference. but now, it's a little spray conditioner and that's it. it stays pretty tame. so this was fun for all!

here are the cuties being silly....

so iriana wore two different shoes, crazy tights, and her clothes are on backwards with a bow tie and crazy silly hair. jake has an old baseball jersey t-shirt on which was b's, his rainboots (it wasn't raining) and his awesome hair! (his t-shirt WAS on backwards but was not at all comfy for jake, so we quickly corrected it...too funny)

so they had a very fun day at school and it was quite amusing picking the kids up today to see all their teachers decked out as well. one of the teachers had a bright green wig on and jake was trying to figure out how her hair turned that color....he figures "she slept on a green pillow." i love this kid!

hope you're wednesday was a good way of course!

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Casey said...

I love it! That sounds like SO much fun. I can't wait to do stuff like that. You guys are good moms. :)