Monday, March 2, 2009

an update

i'm loving this celebration of lent. it's been very cool. we were given a book by some of our friends called "via crucis." it's got a devotional for each day of lent, excluding sundays, per the tradition. both b and i have enjoyed it. it's been a cool way of celebrating Easter and all it means before the actual "holiday." an amazing way to reflect on the events that happened leading up to the crucifixtion.

the exclusion from chocolate and sugar has been okay. not easy. i honestly, call me crazy, never realized how much sugar was in EVERYTHING. while i have not excluded it completely, i've cut way down. 

so this weekend was another great one. we are really enjoying our family times together. nothing is more precious to me. 

my cousin turned 18 this weekend so we went out as a family for her birthday friday night. we ate at hideaway pizza, love their pizza. it was fun. a couple of pics....

my cuties, being themselves. ask for a smile, this is what you get.

b and the birthday girl, Nicki, being themselves. always picking on each other.

saturday was a day at home, ran a few errands, cleaned house. all that fun stuff. it was insanely cold on saturday and the cold was accompanied by a ghastly wind. i was thankful for shelter and honestly thought about those without....hoping they would find protection.

sunday, a great day. b and i always have the best conversations after sunday morning church. we have great conversations anyways, but we're always "newly" sparked on sundays. 

we're looking forward to the future. of what we think lies ahead and what we're unsure's exciting. 

the weather looks promising this week and the weekend brings the visit of a long time friend (we hope). so good monday to all. have a blessed week!


TxConnection said...

I love those kids. Miss 'em, too.

Casey said...

It IS so hard to avoid sugar. I try to watch it for the kids and it is in EVERYTHING! I feel for ya! Next weekend will be a fun one :) Its weird but Chloe asks everyday "I wanna go to ella's house." They hardly know each other, but she asks for her. So sweet.