Friday, June 5, 2009

double p

what does my title mean you might be asking yourself?

proud parent

yup that's me!

last night was jakob's second t-ball game and he did so great! he got two hits! (the two times he was up at bat) first one was a single, second was a double. don't know if i have all the lingo down pat, but hey, you get the picture. he's not so great in the outfield....gets rather bored pretty quickly, but last night he even went for a few balls. the funny thing about t-ball at this age (with his team anyways) is when the boys get the ball, they are so excited that they "caught" it, they forget to throw it. every single one of them. they either keep their glove over the ball on the ground so no one else will get it, OR they stand up and scream (like jake did) look i got the ball, i got it! it's sooooooooooo funny to me! 

second proud moment would have to be my precious ella. i was dreading the whole potty training experience with her b/c she can be pretty stubborn (yes she can). and we've been trying for about the past 4 months. not trying "hard core" but trying to get her used to the idea of using the potty. no such luck. she did poo for a while but never pee. (sorry for the graphic nature of this blog...ha ha ha ha) anyhoo, something must have clicked in her head this past sunday (perhaps the bag of prizes persuaded her a bit) b/c all of sudden, she just started going. we've had maybe 3 accidents since sunday. WHOA!!!!! how proud am i? is it wrong i want to buy her a car already? she's even telling me when she needs to go! and we've been out running errands and doing things all week and she's done SO GOOD! so praise the Lord! i don't have to buy diapers anymore! 

yaaaaaaaaahoooooooooo! (can you tell i'm happy?)


DeAndra said...

awesome on both parts...she just better not pee on my couch!! and bring the ball and glove...we'll practicing catching on the beach!!

Casey said...

OHHH I can't wait to not buy diapers anymore. Yesterday at the grocery store I only had a handful of items and after the lady rung it up, it was 68 bucks! She said to me, "WHAT DIDY YOU BUY???" Then she of diapers, wipes, and few normal things. I am so happy Ella is going to the potty!!! A big sigh of relief for that one.