Monday, June 8, 2009


we had an eventful/uneventful weekend....just a rundown of some things we did. 

-friday went and found jake a new mattress for his new bed frame that we've had for a year. good times. stayed at home and grilled on friday was nice.
-saturday b got to enjoy a round of golf while me and the kiddos went to see UP! great great movie! my dad, sis and niece came too. the kids enjoyed the movie (so did i)
-saturday night we painted jake's new bed
-sunday, great service then back home to relax and watch some golf. later in the afternoon we finished jakes bed and rearranged the kids rooms. now ella has a big girl bed (jake's old bed) and jakob has his new bed. they were both very excited about their "new rooms"

that's about it. this week is gonna be pretty busy. something during the day and at night all week long.....i like these weeks though, it keeps me busy and makes time go by quicker. not that i want time to zoom by or anything.....but yeah, i kinda do. at least until next week and then countdown until california! sooooooooooooooooooo excited!

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DeAndra said...

i want to see the new rooms!