Saturday, June 13, 2009

dry spell (sort of)

i've visited my blog several times this week in hopes of something to write about, but, alas, i got nothin.

maybe it's because we've had a pretty busy week with something going on every day during the day and every evening. nothing HUGE that wasn't expected or handled, but i guess the busy-ness gets to you sometimes. 

the week was filled with sports camp in the morning and several different things during the week each night, t-ball, church, outtings, etc. next week is more of the same BUT

next week is a week i've been looking forward to since january. it's my 10 year anniversary to my sweet b! i can't believe it. well, i can believe it, it just sounds very grown up i guess? TEN YEARS! whoa! 

we have a little two day get-away planned. nothing big but we are both looking forward to the time, completely alone........ahhhhhhhh, i can just picture it now. of course it won't last long enough, but fun trips never do.

so here's to another busy week coming up, with a fantastical end.........

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