Sunday, June 14, 2009

friends, family, fun

this weekend was great. nice and relaxing yet we had plenty to do. 

on friday night we went over to some of our very wonderful friends' house for a taco dinner and some hangin out time! we had so much fun. we always do with the deas family! love you guys!

on saturday we went and practiced some t-ball and took my niece with us. ella was sweaty and not happy about it most of the time but jake and iriana were having a great time with me and uncle b playing t-ball.

after we practiced t-ball we played outside, ate some lunch and played some more. that evening was just a relaxing one for us. grilled some meat and veggies and had a nice time.

sunday was a great service and we got a special treat that night from our friend charli! her dad was speaking at our church and rather than go to church (hee hee hee) we stayed home so we could play and eat pizza! we had such a great time! thanks for coming to see us charli!

now it's relaxin time with my hubs and we're ready for our week to start.

tomorrow, a new adventure....swimming lessons.........we'll see how this one goes!


DeAndra said...

jake just gets cuter and cuter every day!!

Casey said...

That is a GRRREAT picture of Jake and Charli. I love it.
Thanks for taking care of her! She absolutely loved it.