Monday, June 22, 2009

on thursday

was our ten year anniversary! 

b and i decided to just take about 24 hours (ended up being a little more) away for ourselves. we couldn't do anything big b/c of our upcoming trip to california but the day and a half away was so wonderful, we'd, of course, do it all over again. 

the anniversary celebration began, i guess you could say, with me so cleverly leaving part of my gift for b on the front seat of his car. he had to go into work for a few hours so i was left to get ready for the remainder of the day. at around 11am (a little earlier than our plan) the doorbell rang and this is what greeted me at the door....

yep, that's right, what you're seeing is a can of beer. now let me explain. first of all, i also got my most favorite bottle of perfume as well as a yummy bottle of wine....but the can.....not so much a choice of mine. so why the can you ask? b/c traditionally, the thing to give on your tenth anniversary is tin. that's right tin. so what did my wonderful husband do? stuck with tradition of course! the more modern gift for 10 years is diamonds....pashaw! who wants diamonds when you could have tin! seriously tho, i laughed pretty hard! this is the humor that keeps us strong!

so off we went on our excursion. first to lunch, then starbucks, then a movie then the drive to our overnight stay in tecumseh, oklahoma. i know what you're, tecumseh, NICE! but actually they have this great hotel called "the maverick". it's quite nice, sort of like a bed and breakfast. we enjoyed ourselves immensely! i will leave it at that! a few random photos from our room....b was being creative!

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