Monday, June 22, 2009

then on friday

we woke up on friday morning and had a nice little breakfast, muffins and banana nut bread. and just took time, doing nothing. laid in bed for a while, watched some t.v., got ready for the day. just relaxing! loved it, loved it, loved it! our check out time was 11am, and we left pretty close to it.

that's the lobby of our hotel. so nice! we'd definitely go back! 

so we decided to go eat some lunch and see yet another movie before we headed back home. we also stopped off at one of the casinos on our way back! yeah, it was a laugh. we had three one dollar bills and we figured, what the heck, we'll see what happens! well, absolutely nothing happened but we didn't mind. it was a fun little stop!

after the movie we headed home and just relaxed the rest of the day with the kids. 

we really did have such a great time, the most relaxed we've both been in a while. 

i'm so thankful for my marriage. for what it means to both of us, for what it's been through and how it continues to grow. God has brought us through so much in ten years and i know we have so much further to go. we are enjoying each other and our family! we've built our marriage on God, communication and fun, and well, it's worked! we are more in love now than we've ever been. true story! thanks b for ten wonderfully, amazing, memory-filled years! can't wait to see what happens next!

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