Monday, June 22, 2009

oh yeah, happy father's day

so you really need to start two blog entries down and start with thursday and read backwards, unless you really don't care about the order.......i'm just sayin.

so if the weekend wasn't filled enough, it was of course, father's day on sunday.

saturday we spent the day cleaning the house and had my sis and her family and my dad come over for a little father's day cook-out. it was nice!

and sunday was our big dad fest at church. we had regular services and then a big festival type extravaganza after service. it was fun, the kids enjoyed it alot! we had burgers and dogs, blow up bounce toys for the kids, a couple of carnival type rides, an exotic petting zoo, car show and motorcycle show. lots going on! we had fun!

b got to watch the US open all weekend as well, so that was a highlight for him. i enjoy watching golf as well so i didn't mind one bit! it ended up being a wonderful weekend! 

b is an amazing dad! the way he interacts with jake and ella is priceless and i know they love their daddy very much! he always makes things fun for them and they are at the top of his priority list. he takes such great care of us all, we're so blessed and thankful for such a great dad (and husband)! thanks b! you da bomb!

obviously b's favorite thing is NOT taking pics! ha ha! it was very toasty outside and he was in jeans! sorry b, but thanks for the one pic!

jake and the snake! ella would not come closer. jake finally pet the snake once, he thought it was pretty cool!

the baby kangaroo. both of the kids thought this was pretty cool!

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Veronica said...

Great posts, all of them. This "b" fella sounds pretty ok and pretty darn blessed to get you. So glad the family is doing good. We love you and wish you many more years of happiness.

BTW - can of beer b/c it's tin? "Brilliant" is what Josh said.