Friday, June 26, 2009

conversations with jakob- can't live without him

this one is at the top of the charts right now. his mind amazes me. his future is gonna be crazy.

after i read "mater and the ghostlight" for the millioneth time, i sent ella to get ready for bed and started to tuck jake in. i say a little prayer and then tell him to have sweet dreams, pretty much every night....well last night, he had something to say.

me: have sweet dreams jake

jake: i can't have sweet dreams mom

me:ok, have fun dreams

jake: i can't have fun dreams or sweet dreams mom

me: (laughing) why not jake?

jake: i ran out of dreams. i have to go to the dream store and by some more (giggling)

me: ok jake, you make me laugh

(dad enters to tell jake good night)

dad: so i hear you can't dream anymore

jake: nope

dad: why not?

jake: i ran out of dreams dad. i have to buy some more at the dream store. it's in texas, oklahoma. (love that!) you know how to get there? you go straight for a while, then you go left, then take a right. then you do this (swirl moves in the air with his hand) then you go up a hill. and you know how you know it's the dream store? there's a transformer book sitting outside and that's the front door. then you go inside and there's four shelves. there's nothing on the shelves but air, b/c those are the dreams. there's a pay box for the dreams. and the people who get the money are air people, you can't hear them walk b/c their feet are made of air. 

-i kid you not. ACTUAL conversation. he's brilliant! i haven't yet asked him if he dreamed last night!