Monday, June 29, 2009

just another one, but a good one

weekend was good. everything seems to be smooshing together in my head b/c i'm gearing up for our trip to california. nothing major has been happening. just trying to keep the kids cool during this hot summer and trying to keep them entertained without breaking the bank. our trip will be a nice retreat from the heat, i can already tell you i'm not going to want to come home....i'm just sayin.

on friday, we moved my grandma. whew....what a task that was. didn't realize one person could have so much stuff! and it was a HOT day but we made it. kept ourselves hydrated, all was well. the kids did great for being out the whole day. needless to say we all slept very well friday night!

on saturday, i cleaned and laundried while b worked on the cars. then that night we went out with some friends to eat some chicken at eischens! love their chicken. this is the first time we actually ate at the restaurant. we usually just go pick the chicken up and bring it home, it's a fun place! we had a great night!

sunday was church, and pretty much just relaxing for most of the day. jake and ella have had a nasty cough sneak up, i'm guessing a summer cold....those are so oddly random to me but hey, such is life. jake seems to have taken after his dad and has little ulcers all over his mouth. yuck and ouch! he's not complaining as much as i would but you can tell he doesn't feel 100%, so i'm praying and believing everyone will be back to normal by wednesday when we head out. 

today i'm taking the kids to a spray park, should be fun, they haven't been to one yet and tonight is jake's last t-ball game. can't say i'm sad about it, but we did have lots of fun. not sure if he'll continue in the baseball path, but it's an option. so we shall see.

blessed by the Lord and all His goodness. so thankful to know my security, in every area, is in Him! have a good one peeps!


Casey said...

Poor Jake! We'll be praying! Yall have a good trip to Cali....I so want to go someday :)

Veronica said...

Praying for the horrible ulcers, I remember.

Y'all be careful getting to CA and remember, you must come back. CA is WAY too far, besides you would have to back a CA college team or get beat up when you yell for your normal team.

Love ya!