Monday, June 1, 2009

much needed

over the weekend we went to b's brother's house for a visit. we always love going there because it's in east texas, a very pretty area, in the middle of nowhere and you just kind of lose yourself in all the wonder and beauty of the area. at least that's how i feel. it makes me appreciate God's craftsmanship even more. there's so much to do, we barely have any downtown and we never leave their house. i'll just sum up all the things we did and try not to post too many pictures. so thank you uncle benny and aunt tricia. we had SO much fun, we hope it's not too long before we get to come back for another visit!

-we got to their house on friday around noon and ate lunch and headed out the door and didn't stop til dinner time.
-we hit golf balls, rode the four wheeler, laid in the hammock, walked around with all the animals (they have goats, cows, a donkey, a potbelly pig, a turkey, sheep, a peacock, guineas, chickens, roosters), played t-ball, shot the bb gun, played catch, blew bubbles and flew kits. 
-stopped for some dinner then went back out to enjoy the evening. rode four wheelers more and then just talked until midnight. great great day!

-on saturday i headed out for a quick jog, ate breakfast, we shot the rifle (and i actually hit a bottle and shattered it, yay me!) we rode the four wheeler some more, played catch some more, flew kites again, ate lunch, went shooting again (only this time with the shotgun), rode some more and just had a magnificent saturday

-we decided to head home saturday evening so the kids could sleep on the way home so after dinner, we took baths and the kids sat around in their pj's for a bit to wind down and we headed home around 8:30pm.

-on sunday we relaxed and recouped from our amazing weekend. we just love it out there and love how the kids get so excited to go and sad to leave. what a great and much needed weekend away!

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