Sunday, May 31, 2009

last day blues

i honestly never thought i would react the way that i have to jakob going to school. thursday was jake's last day of pre-k. he wore his pre-k shirt for the last time, i sat in the drop-off and pick-up line for the last time (until ella of course) and when he hugged his teacher good-bye, i nearly cried. she said "love ya buddy" and he said "love you ms.tilley."

UGH! the strings of my heart are being made soft and being plucked right out of me. and now since thursday, i haven't been able to stop thinking about it. 

he's officially in kindergarten now. once again, it's over. another chapter is over. 

i never thought i would react this way......i'm so in trouble.


Casey said... heart just sunk reading it. You definitely got a buddy in this whole sentimental journey girl. I feel the same wayyyyyyyy. I am already sad and Charli starts pre-K in August. Making the most of my last summer with her before it all starts.

Side note: Weird to me that they are year apart in school.

Anonymous said...

O how well I remember Justins kindergarten days, when i sent him off all alone with only his back pack on to that big yellow machine (better known as the bus). I looked out the window and cried my eyes out. It was worse than ever though when i took him to collage and left him in that foreign land all alone. I went to the parking lot next to UCO and just sat and cried my eyes out again. That was my baby I was abandoning. And to think now he carries a gun and wears a badge. What in the world was I so worried about. God puts our kids on loan to us for 18 years. Then the fun really begins!!! Life is good!