Tuesday, May 26, 2009

memories, in the corner of my mind

great memorial day weekend. i'll just list a few highlights and share some pictures.

-thursday night went to my cousin delancie's graduation in jones, ok. it was a short graduation so that was nice. got to see family at her after party. yay for seniors!

-friday night went to BJs for dinner with some friends then off to starbucks afterwards. it was a really great evening!

-saturday, yet another graduation. my cousin nicki who's class was slightly larger than that of jones. but luckily they went from z-a this year so we were outta there after the r's. on to her after party which was lots of fun. more family and more friends. love that girl!

-sunday was church then had a cook-out with some more great friends. enjoyed a bacon avacado burger, some grilled veggies and splurged on strawberry pie. yum-o. 

-monday yet another cook-out with the family. i don't like steak so my dad grills me shrimp. yum-o again. more grilled veggies and sweet potato fries! also watched some old videos of various events. got to "see" my mom and hear her laugh. although her memories and sounds are burned on my heart, it was great to "see" and "hear" them in a somewhat live version. i miss her so much, but seeing the videos was very therapeutic for me. i so miss her laugh!

-back in the saddle on tuesday and now countdown to the weekend. off on a trip to boxelder to see b's brother! the kids love it at uncle benny's house and it's always a very fun visit! we are very excited!

jake practicing his t-ball swing. he's gettin pretty dang good! check out the tongue!

playing catch with dad. check out the tongue action again. he's makin me laugh!

cutie patootie on the swing. love her smile!

dog-piled poppa at the end of the day! good times for all! (except maybe poppa)

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DeAndra said...

love that last pic! wish i could have been there for it!