Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last Wednesday

it's not that big of a deal but i had to post the picture if nothing else.

last wednesday was "movie day" for jake's pre-k class. the teachers put together videos of each class, just a glorified power point presentation but called it movie day so parents and grandparents could come watch their famous children on the big screen. the kids thought it was the coolest and would call out each other's names when they saw their pictures....it was very cute and very funny.

at the end of the "movie" each child presented their mom or dad or family member with a rose. it was very sweet and i had to lay claim to the rose before jake got it back in his hands.....

we were having to run errands that day so i drove home quickly to put the dreadful looking rose in some water to hope and preserve it for at least a day or so. i should've taken a before picture b/c it's the most gorgeous rose i've ever had! and it's lasted a week so far! so i just wanted to share that cute little day and my very pretty rose!

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