Tuesday, May 19, 2009

batter up

our first t-ball practice was tonight and it was pretty much a success. i don't think it will take jake long to get in the groove of everything...

it was funny watching him with the other boys and coaches. he jumped right in with the other kids and just made friends. i'm so glad he's not like i was in that area. i was terrified of people at that age. i'm not entirely sure why and some of you might be thinking that i'm making this up, but it's true. sometimes i would cry when people would talk to me...especially adults. so i'm so VERY thankful that disposition did not trace down to my own children. ella is at times, still on the shy side, but still doing much better than i ever did.

so they did some warm-up drills and then took turns hitting the ball. he smacked it good on his first swing but we've still got some things to work on. such as running when we are supposed to run. jake is somewhat of a "daydreamer" i guess you could say. so he'll run for a bit, then walk, then run again....it's funny to watch. overall he did a great job and i couldn't be prouder!

we'll have a few more practices before the games start. so here we go. summer has already begun. june is gonna be crazy busy....i hope jake makes it.

what am i saying, i hope mom and dad make it!


TxConnection said...

Go Jake Go!!!!

DeAndra said...

tanta is PROUD!!! MVP status here we come!! so wish i could be there for the first game!

Casey said...

He looks so cute and tiny! He doens't usually look little anymore, but in that pic he does. So sweet! We are going to try tball next. Looks like fun! Glad he's not gunshy from getting bonked on the head here!!!!