Monday, May 18, 2009

Could not have been better!

on saturday we had the kids birthday party and it turned out to be a gorgeous day! as i mentioned in my previous posts there had been rain pretty much every day last week and there was a large percent chance on saturday. i know i was praying as well as b and thank you Jesus, we had a successful birthday party with no rain. it started out a little overcast but the sun came out and it was gorgeous! the kids had an amazing time and were pooped by the end of the day. not all of our guests were able to make it to the poor jake was the only boy but he managed to enjoy himself! we had cupcakes, brownies and ice cream and got to ride horses. i was so pleased with how the party turned out and i'm pretty sure the kids had a great time too. just a few pics from the party....

iriana, jakob and ella in their cowboy hats!

jake gettin ready for his ride!

ella doing the same, a little scared this time for some reason. but she rode the horse and enjoyed herself once the ride got started.

i know you can barely see any faces on this one but it just makes me laugh. charli, ella, amelie and chloe were all bouncing on their knees and giggling the whole time. it was the cutest thing! and the cutest sound. we're so glad our great friends from tulsa got to come to the party!

we had a busy week and weekend and i was glad for a restful afternoon on sunday. this week jakob starts t-ball practice and next week is his first game. this should be a very interesting ride through the duration of t-ball. i'm sure i'll have many funny stories. 

off to another great monday! 


Casey said...

The party was very fun....great idea for horsey rides!! We all loved it.

DeAndra said...

i so wish i could be there for his first game!!!! i need mucho pics!!