Thursday, May 14, 2009


today miss ella turned 3 years old. part of me says it's about time, another part of me can't believe it. soon she'll be talking about being 4 and my baby will be in preschool. 

let's just take one day at a time.

she woke up this morning with a huge smile on her face. she knew it was her birthday but still replied with "happy birthday" to all of us after we said it to her. too cute, i know. 

dad had to hurry off to work so she opened her presents as soon as she woke up. 

i had alot of places to go today so ella's day was spent shopping at various locations. doesn't sound like much fun for a 3 year old.....unless you're ella. she definitely got the shopping bug from her nonna...she would be very proud of her grand-daughter! she did so well with me so we stopped by old navy and she picked out a new t-shirt and a dress. and yes, whether you believe me or not, this girl gets excited about clothes so i know she had a good time!

we got home, played around a little and waited for dad to get home for dinner. ella got to choose what she wanted to eat and chose noodles and carrots. i know, odd combo, but she loves it! so next came her birthday brownie....she wasn't at all excited about it......

we spent some time outside after dinner just playing in the backyard. so now we await our birthday party on saturday and pray pray pray it doesn't rain. 

so my precious girl is 3. she amazes me every day and is truly a light in my life. she's head strong and miss independent but has a very caring spirit (as long as her brother isn't messing with her). after i had jake, i honestly thought i didn't want a girl and was even a little upset when i found out i was having her....but i wouldn't change it for anything. i'm so glad God blessed b and i with a little girl and that this beautiful girl is my ella grace! hope you had a great birthday ella bella! i love you!


Jeff said...

(she can't read)

Casey said...

O my word! You gotta stop with those baby pictures. Too cute! I so remember that baby too. Chloe even wore those pajamas. She's soooo chubby in that picture! Who knew she'd be this tiny, petite little girl with those cheeks??!