Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mr. Jakob

he woke up this morning and walked into the living room. arms outstretched, palms flat in the air.

dad: what are you doing son?

jake: i'm trying to remember how tall i was when i was four.


jake: i'm not four anymore dad, i'm five.

(more laughter) and jake walks into the bathroom and in the distance you hear....

jake: i'm 5!!

his favorite expression of the day seemed to be "what in the world is that" when he was given his presents. and apparently, your feet are supposed to grow on your birthday b/c jake was quite surprised his feet had not grown overnight. 

the morning started off great and jake and ella got to eat cereal straws for breakfast. this may not seem like a big deal but they always want them and i don't buy them...no nutritional value, i know mean mom...but at least they got a treat for their birthday! after breakfast we let jake open a couple of presents...the rest will come on saturday at the bday party!

on tuesdays there is a class at the church for jake and ella's age group so off we went and i brought popsicles for jake's class as a special birthday snack. next we're off to school and jake was the helper today since it was his birthday so for that, we decided on ice cream. it was similar to dip-n-dots. obviously a hit with a room full of 4 and 5 year olds!

jake got to eat one of his favorites tonight for dinner, which was pizza and then after dinner i had a birthday brownie for him. he and ella loved them!

the rest of the night is low key....we're hoping to go play some miniature golf or go to the driving range on thursday for ella's birthday (and jake too) if the weather will cooperate. it's been so rainy and nasty...pray for sunshine!

so my firstborn is 5 years old. and no, i can't believe it. he's growing up so much every day. i'm sad that his baby years are gone but so excited to see what lies ahead. happy birthday buddy!


DeAndra said...

that is one of my favorite pics of him!! i can't believe he's 5 :(

Casey said...

I SO remember that little baby! Awww it makes me sad!! I had that picture on my wall in Broken Arrow. I can't believe its been 5 years. MAN!