Monday, May 11, 2009

it's birthday week!

the weekend was good. we got to travel to tulsa on saturday morning for one of our dear friends little girls birthday party. the kids always have a great time in tulsa! we love seeing our friends and we're blessed to have them coming this weekend for our kids party! can't wait!

on saturday night my dad bought us tickets to see "the lion king." can i say amazing! it was so incredible. i loved it and would watch it over and over again if i had the money, i'd also take jakob if i could, maybe it will come through again and we'll have another chance. it was just cool. i turned the movie on sunday morning before we went to church and sang every song! the kids love the movie but i think got a little tickled at me singing along....good times! hakuna matata!

for mothers day i got a new pair of toms (my new favorite shoe) and b had the kids make me little storybooks.....they were so amazing! jake has the most amazing mind, it blows me away. he had them draw pictures and then put a story with the pictures. jake's was hilarious. to sum up, it was about me, poppa (my dad) and nonna (my mom) we were walking on railroad tracks and then got hit by a train. but Jesus came and saved us and brought us back to earth. then we went upstairs to sleep and i said "na na na na na, you can't catch me" to my mom and dad. the end. i laughed so hard i cried. i know, so random, but as i said, his mind amazes me. ella's was cute too and just had pictures of me, poppa and Jesus. and a bunch of letters, mostly L because that's all she knows how to draw right now. too cute!

i missed my mom terribly this year. i'm not sure why it was hard this year compared to last year, but nonetheless it was. it was a hard day unfortunately, but today is a new day of which i am truly grateful! 

this week is birthday week. jake's birthday is on tuesday and ella's is on thursday. i've got a couple of special things planned on both days. i'm praying that the weather dries up for our party on's outside so the success of the party depends on the weather, we're taking horse pray with me! we need a dry week! so far, we're not off to a great start.....but i have faith!

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