Thursday, May 7, 2009

just plain cute

recently ella has figured out how to climb out of her crib. i know, i know, we should probably be introducing her to a big girl bed but we are waiting to buy a mattress....

anyhoo, i honestly thought she would be climbing out of her bed a lot quicker than she did. jake started before he turned two....a little more adventurous i guess.

well, now that she's started doing that, i don't need to go into her room every morning and get her (which i'm just now realizing i miss a little, she's a good cuddler) so jake has taken it upon himself to go "get her" every morning. even though they fight like cats and dogs sometimes, he really is a great big brother.

so every morning, for about two weeks now, jakob will open her door and she will climb out and come into the kitchen to see me.

the part that's really cute, to me anyways, is that jakob always comes around the corner with a huge grin on his face and says "look mom, ella got down all by herself." he's so proud of his sister and so proud he "got her" out of bed.

it just struck me this morning, how he's consistent with it and always very excited when ella wakes up in the morning.

i love my kids!


Casey said...

Very sweet. Sibling love is great. I didn't grow up with it, so its very intriguing and fun for me to watch with the girls. Love it. She's lucky to have a great big brother. :)

DeAndra said...

i love them too! i was telling a story about you this morning and realized instead of saying "when she had her daughter" i said "when she had my niece!"...can't wait to see you!!