Monday, May 4, 2009

one down four to go

first busy weekend in may and it was a fun one.

but poop, i forgot my camera, so you'll just have to rely on my amazing story telling skillz.

friday afternoon we headed to texas. b dropped me off at firewheel mall in garland so i could meet up with my girlies for a wonderful evening and yes, wonderful it was. love getting together with my girls and totally cool how we've all kept in touch for over ten years now and continue to get together at least once every year. we just ate, drank coffee and talked. the makings of a great evening.

saturday, b and the kids came and picked me up and we headed to north dallas to just hang out and kill time before going to see our friends who just had their second baby girl. we always have a great time seeing them and always stay way past late, talking. the kids did exceptionally well for the long day we had. we ended up not leaving for home until 10:30pm. we decided to bed down the back of the jeep so the kids could sleep all the way home and that's exactly what they did.

sunday was spent relaxing and doing nothing except a couple loads of laundry. we all needed to just lay around. it was nice and i think everyone should do it every once in a while, whether you go out of town or not. it's okay to take a break from stuff.....really, it is.

so we're off to the beginning of another week. 

i gotta say i'm thankful for the rain BUT i will be glad when it's gone for a while. 

looking ahead to another busy weekend and a week full of blessings from above!

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