Wednesday, April 29, 2009

it's the little things

i've been pretty good about giving "it" over to God, regardless of what "it" is. i feel like i've learned alot and come a long way in my faith and the more i learn, the more i become deeply rooted in God and His goodness and provision.

so i know this "come to Jesus moment" won't be a new lesson learned for anyone, but today i took it as a healthy loving reminder. (because we all need reminders every once in a while)

i was sitting at the table, coloring with jake and ella. ella kept calling me over to her and wanting me to color, then she would take the marker from me and color herself, then pass it back to me, you get the idea. as our pattern continued, she took the marker from me and then asked me to color with her, while she was coloring, with the same marker.

so i sat there, and held onto the marker with her while she colored. at first i was resistant in letting her do it b/c i felt i could do it better, but then i decided to loosen my grip and just let her do what she knew best in her own special ella way.

i don't think i need to explain, but it just hit me, so simple, yet so truly profound.

if  i'm gonna ask God to do something, i better loosen my grip and let Him lead me, cause He always knows best in His own special God way.

thanks ella, for lettin me color with you. (and teachin me a lesson)


TxConnection said...

That is precious and heart gripping. We find those little gems in the strangest places sometime.

DeAndra said...

she is too precious for words. thanks for the morning coffee chat...that's when i read your blogs, in the morning with my coffee :)

Deas Family said...

so sweet...thanks for sharing!