Monday, April 27, 2009

the last of the least

the past few weekends, since Easter have been pretty low key. i've enjoyed it. not having to rush around, sometimes not having anything to do at all but sit around with my sweet family. it's been nice.....but here comes may packed full of craziness. it's all fun craziness but i'm certain this will make may fly by...not a bad thing at all.

this weekend was calm. went to a high school musical "the sound of music" on friday night, it was pretty good. saturday was spent completely at home minus one quick run to the grocery store. we just sat outside all afternoon with the kids. it was nice...very windy but nice. sunday was a great day too, always is. i had hoped we would get to go to the arts festival downtown but the wind is just too much for me, beats me down not to mention blows all kinds of crap around and causes b's allergies to go into overdrive, so sometimes, it's best to stay in. we still had a great day!

here's what's to come....
-girls weekend in dallas
-trip to tulsa for a bday party/the lion king
-birthday party weekend for jake and ella
-graduation for my sweet cousin
-trip to texas to see b's family

then comes june, july and august which all contain at least one amazing highlight for the month. i know...slow down....i'm looking too far ahead....but it's exciting.

soon jake will start kindergarten. 

then again, maybe i should slow time down.....way down......

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