Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a purse, a shoe, a hand and a thumb

today has been a gorgeous, most enjoyable day. nothing out of the extraordinary has happened, it's just been a good day. don't you love those days the Lord blesses us with, when nothing has to happen....and it's still just good?

anyways, a couple things have happened today that i couldn't let pass without sharing. 

this morning as i was getting the kids ready to go, there were a pair of pink shoes that ella likes wearing that looked really cute with her ensemble....i say ensemble b/c this girl is going to be my worst nightmare when it comes to fashion...she is ALREADY a hard core shopper and we are just now reaching the ripe age of 3! i digress, we found one shoe, in the closet, where shoes belong. the other one...missing. i looked in all the usual (and unusual) places, in the toy boxes, under jake's bed, under ella's bed, in my room, under my bed, you get my drift. the shoe was no where to be found. luckily we escaped the morning without a crying saga and ella chose a new pair of "jelly shoes" to wear...whew.....close call.

on the way to church this morning (the kids have classes on tuesday mornings) i was talking to jake about the appropriate way to act in his class. he had gotten in a little trouble the week before so we were going over rules and what was expected of him class. he agreed to be on his best behavior and even agreed to apologizing to his teacher when he got there. after class, when i picked him up, she said jake had a good day, one minor issue but all was well and he responded quickly to her correction. while we were walking to lunch, he said "i did good today mom, except my hand and my thumb, they got me in trouble." 

me-hmmmm, your hand and your thumb?

jake-yeah, my hand and my thumb said "ehhh" (an annoying noise jake makes when he is upset, much like "ehhh, wrong answer)

me-your hand and your thumb said "ehhh"

jake, looking at me like um, yeah mom "yeah, my hand and my thumb said ehhhh"

me- well maybe you need to sit on your hand and your thumb so they won't get you into trouble any more

jake- laughing a little "yeah, that's a good one mom"

alrighty then. thought i might have to deal with imaginary friends....not necessarily hands and thumbs....didn't know hands and thumbs could be so mischevious. and i don't think i want to find out.

so there you have it, two episodes that made today even better....my children are amazing and although sometimes make me feel like i'm GOING insane, help me KEEP my sanity......at the end of the day.

(ps- the other pink shoe was found in a purse of ella's, in the backyard, in the shed....exactly where a shoe is supposed to be)


Casey said...

Okay both stories are so funny! The shoe in the purse, outside, in the shed is priceless. I have found MANY things stuffed in play purses weeks after we have been looking. :) And the hand and thumb thing.....funny stories.

DeAndra said...

okay...i totally want to know HOW his hand and thumb got him in trouble!