Monday, April 20, 2009

sunglasses and saturdays

things that made my weekend greatness...

-going out on friday with my friends for a "belated" birthday treat. pearl's crabtown was yum and i have the greatest friends!

-spending almost three hours at pearls just talking and laughing

-great workout on saturday morning

-spent some girl time with ella and my friend amy at a baby shower

-had sis and fam over on saturday for a little mexican dinner....yum-o

-good service on sunday morning

-had a wonderful sunday afternoon and evening with b and the kids, my little family is amazing. 

-ended the weekend by watching "yes man" very VERY funny movie...nice job jim carey!

i'm blesesd and loved by the Lord and the wonderful people He's placed in my life. i could not be happier (maybe a little happier if i got to see my lil sis more often...but honestly very happy)

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DeAndra said...

ditto sis! love the pics and love the sunglasses!!! can't believe jake will be in kindergarten soon!