Friday, April 17, 2009

um chrysalis anyone?

are you squinting your eyes, furrowing your brow and crinkling your nose trying to figure out what i mean by "chrysalis?"

if you know...then you're way ahead of me. jake came home yesterday talking about caterpillars and butterflies and the "chrysalis" and how he wanted to make one for his "home-made" butterfly from school. (which he did and hung from his wall and watched his butterfly emerge)

since jake first began pre-k, i have been amazed at what they learn and even more so at what jake retains. he really amazes me.

at first i thought for sure he was saying the word wrong and maybe meaning to say cocoon or something like that. b thought the same thing but we decided we would research it first before we upset our 4 almost 5 year old. and sure enough, we were wrong, jake was right.

if you're interested, look up "chrysalis" on wikipedia. it's sort of like a cocoon and is something the butterfly hatches out of....who knew! as jake was talking very energetically about it (and woke up this morning doing the same) i tried to think back at when i became interested in science.....hmmmm, oh, NEVER! so he's one step ahead of me and we've got plenty to go.

so proud of my jakey! although it pains my heart to watch him become more of a little man every day, it's exciting too. watch out he comes!


Casey said...

Barney taught Charli chrysalis! She was singing the chrysalis song when she started watching Barney around two and I didn't know what in the world she was talking about! I had to figure that one out too. So crazy that I had never heard that word either!! I actually tried to get her to say "cocoon" instead, but then gave up and let her say it the "correct" way! (good mom)

The picture of you two is so great! He is getting so big!

DeAndra said...

two i was doing the exact thing you said at the beginning of your blog...crinkle nose, furrow brow :) two: I WANT THAT PIC!! so cute! i have jake's school photo posted in my cube at work and you would not believe how many people comment..."cute" and "handsome" are the two most popular responses...well done sis and b...that's some good genes :)

Jenn Lamphear said...

Oh My HECK! You are speaking our language girl! We actually hatch butterflies as part of Riley's pain therapy.... we care for them from the time they are eggs...grow into caterpillars and shed their final skin to form the chrysalis... we have even been so honored to actually "see" the makings of both the Monarch and the Black Swallowtail and we have seeen them emerge too! AMAZING.

If you about a month or so I can overnight you a little kit made from our garden and I will give you the instructions and you all can hatch your very own! Let me know.... Jake and Riley can be butterfly buddies!