Monday, April 13, 2009

dark chocolate fudgy brownies anyone?

yes please, i'll have a few....and that i did. after 40 days of no chocolate and no added sugars, i partook of some yummy brownies on Easter sunday. i added a scoop of ice cream on top just for poops and giggles. it was a yummy treat. but what i've learned (and will take with me) far out weighs the sweet goodness of chocolate. 

-i have God-given self control
-i can live without chocolate
-it's healthier and better for me and my family to go without
-having some (sweets) every once in a while (and not every day) is do-able for me

Easter was great! On saturday, we had an easter egg hunt for the kids at my cousins house. it was lots of fun and the kids had a great time.... (if you click on the picture it will get bigger, you have to check out ella's expression after finding her first egg...too cute)

i ended up hiding the eggs and near the end there was one we couldn't find....but never fear, poppa is here! thanks daddy for finding the last egg!

here are the kids checking out their goodies after the hunt was over.

after the egg hunt we had a cook-out with yummy hotdogs and burgers. yay for family fun. my cousin and i decided we would decorate easter eggs...always a kid at heart.

it was actually nicki's idea to decorate them, i just decided to help. we did a pretty good job tho, including the poop colored eggs...they're in the back of the carton...we had fun!

on Easter sunday we had everyone over to our house for lunch for some brisket, sweet mashed potatoes and a salad...followed by the brownies. wonderful ways to celebrate!

our Easter services went great, especially our Sunday night service. great way to top off the Easter Celebration.

Hope all of your Easter's were wonderful. now on to another week, full of exciting and memorable moments i'm sure!


Casey said...

Great pictures! And as a fellow chocolate lover....I am happy for you!

DeAndra said...

love the pics! love it all! looks like you were dressed by my gifts sis!! miss you...thanks for sharing!