Monday, July 27, 2009

true love

nope, i'm not gonna be talking about me and b, although we ARE in loooooovvvvvveeeeee!

i'm talkin about the love b has for our kids. i know it's big and i know it measures beyond anything, but sometimes he surprises me and goes above and beyond.

just a little background...b loves his yard. he works on it alot and even though we don't have the money to spend on it he would like, he does the best he can with what we have. sets the blade at just the right height, waters almost every day, applies fertilizer and weed control, all the good stuff that makes a yard look nice.

on another note, jake is very much into golf. yes his dad taught him but the interest lingers and continues to grow. one of jake's most favorite things to do is go outside and hit golf balls. not as hard and as far as he'd like, but he still has a good time. recently, b has been working with jake on pitching and chipping.

so yesterday afternoon, i hear the lawn mower going....weird, b just mowed about a day ago, i know it hasn't grown that much in a day. i walk outside and this is what i see....

i hope you can tell from the picture, but b has mowed a "putting green" into our FRONT lawn. scalped the yard for his boy. again, you might not understand the BIGNESS to this but this is HUGE. he scalped his yard on purpose so his son could have a spot to chip to and putt in. it just made me smile.

here's the opposite side of the drive-way where jake's "t-box" is. he had the most fun yesterday.

isn't it amazing, a father's love for his children......goes both ways huh.....

more on the weekend later.

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Casey said...

Oh that is hilarious!! I agree with you saying B has love for his kids and his yard....but I think you need to add his love for golf too!! He gets to enjoy all three with this new "golf yard!" ha ha! SO great.